Your Texas Office provides registered agent and registered office services to entities in the State of Texas.  Your Texas Office takes delivery of: (1) Lawsuits, citations, and petitions if the entity is sued; (2) Notices regarding the status of the entity and its right to do business in Texas; (3) Tax notices; and (4) Notices and correspondence from the Texas Secretary of State and Texas Comptroller.

Every entity doing business in Texas, including but not limited to corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnership, general partnerships, professional corporations and professional associations are required to have a registered agent and registered office in the state of Texas.  If an entity is not located in Texas, but does business in Texas, the entity must have a registered agent and registered office in Texas.

Entities choose to hire a professional registered agent for one or more of several reasons:

  1. It is much less likely to have important documents overlooked when an entity employs a professional registered agent;
  2. The entity will not need an employee designated to receive notices, lawsuits, petitions, citations, etc.;
  3. It may save out-of-state entities the significant costs of having to have an employee and office in Texas;
  4. Professional registered agents can help determine the significance of the notices received;
  5. It saves in embarrassment and/or employee concern of having executives or managers served in front of employees and/or family.

Failure to register and designate a registered agent may foreclose or hinder the entity’s ability to legally enter into contracts and/or gain access to Texas state courts. Also, failure to maintain a registered agent in Texas may cause the entity to fall out of good standing with the state of Texas. If an entity loses its good standing, it could result in personal liability to the officers and/or owners of that entity.

If you would like Your Texas Office to serve as your registered agent in Texas, sign up using our “Getting Started” page or call us at 713-626-7277.